Hilltown AVM Teknosa Store Application


İstanbul Hilltown Shopping Mall Teknosa Store Application

Teknosa Hilltown Store Concept Store Project

We also implemented the Teknosa concept store, which we designed in Hilltown AVM, whose construction was completed in 2018 in Maltepe, Istanbul, and brought it up to the same date as the opening of the shopping mall.

We completed the interior design works in a short time like for a month in the 544 m2 store area in the shopping mall.

■ The Main Contractor Company that builds the shopping mall, among all the companies that carry out interior design works, about work discipline, work safety, complying with all rules, fulfilling the requirements of technical norms, etc. conveyed that we are one of the top 5 companies in interior design field.

■ It was delivered to our corporate customer on the date determined in the store work program.

■ After the completion of the renovation process, we continued to provide support for additional needs on time.

■ Based on functionality, which is the first priority among our design criteria, it is aimed to increase the efficiency of the store by correctly directing the store customer when they enter the store area, and by being able to access and observe all of the products offered for sale in the store.

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