Teknosa Hilltown Store

Teknosa Hilltown Store

Teknosa Hilltown Store

Located in Istanbul/Maltepe Aydınevler and designed as Teknosa Store in Hilltown AVM, the construction of which was completed in 2018, in contrast to its modern design and simplicity, has an image that surprises the customer, but unwittingly draws in and directs it with its complementary contrasting color and mobility on the floor.

In the store with an area of 544 m2, floor, wall, lighting, electricity, modules, doors, etc.  all architectural elements were implemented by Bayer DesignSolutions in accordance with the design.

■ A design that complies with the company's current standards and brand features has been realized,

■ The application of the store has been realized and delivered in accordance with the work program,

■ The most economical and durable materials suitable for application, integrated with the design criteria, are used,

■ Modeled with realistic 3D visuals prepared in our design office,

■ It is aimed to guide the user with the combination of pixel image colors and lines used on the floor and contrasting colors.

■ Parallel to the functionality, which is our primary criterion in our designs, it is aimed that the customer will be able to access and observe all the products displayed in the store with the right direction when they enter the store area. The efficiency of the store has quickly reached high efficiency despite the fact that it is a newly opened store, which has proven the success of the project.

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